The Price of Fish

Pray hard for the men who hunt the deep sea
in their cockleshell boats out of Clyde
who scour the cold swims of Poseidon’s green head
filling iced holds with dead alive-eyes.
Where the North wind screech is God’s
angered ethereal Hand, and fear
is the shake of worn riveted plate and
Love is a church locked up on the land.

Elemental wind do not keep them from shore
They who dare open the water blue door.

Pray strong for men who haunt the cod swims
Hymned only by the white garish moon
and wind-snatched callings of seabirds scorning.
Skins scolded eyes shrunk in the Arctic blast
laughing as the pawls judder and grind
heaving the trawl, engine complaining.
Who love the deep sea with a savagery
spit, swear, and piss in the lee.

Elemental wind do not rage for their souls
their fathers have paid the fish stealing tolls.

Pray love for the sons of water and blood,
patient for the calm, eager to net
and ever ready to chase the white fish
over mountainous crests, under
the pale dark bruising wet sky.
Casting net to web Gods’ octopus head
clawing the fish from his shivering throat,
their lives threatened by the weight of the prize.

Elemental wind, do not anger the sea
Man and his mistress must ever be free.


Ghosts in Breakers Creek

In muddy mouthed Portsea Creek unwatched
forgotten ships lay beached and breathless,
dashed and smashed cut and bled, weather
beaten, picked and broken by the dockside
stooping crane’s bill collecting scrap.

Their final journeys over shallows dragging
barnacle crusted bottoms over shingle
groaned past the red flagged gunnery range,
pulled and pushed by impatient tugs, aware
falling tides and sucking mud claim victims.

Robbed by landsman, written out of registers,
church empty bridges balefully glistening glare
untold stories of once purposed lives, men
who swore repeatedly like lovers on heat,
trumpeting the union of engine and steel.

Now their ghosts can be heard in the small
of the night blowing base horns, heaving
anchors, turning their screws seaward,
reliving purpose, blending rusted hulls
to the sea and the never ending sky.

© TonyAshenden

Poetry is addictive

If you are not already aware -be warned, writing poetry is addictive. You may like me have other writing skills prose-like, non-fiction, fiction, or faction. If you get hooked on writing a poem, in your heart of hearts you know you cannot finish it until it’s a work of art -that means every word must count, they must be the right words, and the poem must be more than words alone convey.

It’s addictive because we can never be sure we have achieved, not only birthed but given long life to the piece.

In many years of ‘garret writing’ there’s one difficult lesson which must be learnt, that is -don’t file it in the pending tray, publish the damn thing, because art is an evolutionary process. Pieces do not mature into art if they remain stuck in your mind. The blank sheet of paper is only terrifying when the mind is still hosting ‘unfinished’ poems.

After you post it’s gone from your mind -later perhaps you might unpublish and rework. My experience tells me the piece gets better, and ….. and ….. it might also be unworkable -possibly a work of art!

A Stumble in Time

Pickle-black stream a-tumble under moon

Spume spatters night, the pickle-black stream
a-tumble under moon, is whispering loud
between lichen-stained stones, hissing
about ruin of Man as it hastens to sea.

The clouds uncover a star mantled crescent
illuminate a petrified gauntlet of stone
pickle brown scars etched in yellow
shape fingers grasping an invisible hilt.

All about my better body shadows dance
thick-like bracken wracked by wind.
I hear clattering hooves, sprays of flint shard
see a thundering mass of muscle and blood,

flanks creaming red, a horse and rider
a force on the run. I can feel the hurt
labouring breath know her last service
hastens in the dark to this musical place.

Astride her saddled brave heart,
helmeted, metal shorn, steel spurred,
a wounded warrior is breathing his last
eyes bright and fixed on safe haven.

A mortal wound bloodies the cross
of his surcoat, a lance haft splintered
is sunk deep to the thigh; yet he rides
as if ready to battle the Christian foe.

Left hand fists the bridle, the right
grips a sword pointing to earth.
It is the horse that gives way
her heart bursts as she stumbles,

the stream too wide too deep too dark.
The rider thrown lies broken on horns
of veined rock, eyes fixed to the sky,
his cape now a shred of dark shadow.

The last laboured breath of his charger
is taken by the stream and moves on
reborn in the song sung by the stones
eternally free of saddle and rider.

Stillness has swallowed the warrior’s fire
high flies his purpose, body-less at last,
soul-like beyond sky bowl of stars
seeking the grail of everlasting life.

And I stumble in time, unsure
If my better body is the breath of life
part drawn to the moon part to the stream
transforming, dividing, living a dream.

© TonyAshenden

The Fragrant Airs of Heaven

Idyllic loves’ creation is
imagined lilac groves
air enchanting havens
of scented flowers
lifting to the harvest moon.

This world we may not enter
until this earthen road is ended,
yet we may store good efforts seed
do right as God’s creators.

Unbending onward to the light
holding to heart loves’ first vow,
that we unseasoned Spirits
shall by all intentions be
tried and tested
and found well.

B for Pope Boniface VIII

What makes this man remarkable is not his systemising of Catholic Canon Law, or founding the University of Rome, or formalising the custom of the Roman Jubilee, a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon, but by being remembered in Dante’s Divine Comedy as public enemy number one!

Born Benedetto Caetani, Pope Boniface has the unenviable notoriety of being named in Dante’s Inferno as an exponent of the black arts. He succeeded to Pope Celestine V to the papacy in 1294 and put forward some of the strongest claims of any pope to temporal as well as spiritual power. He involved himself often with foreign affairs, including in France, Sicily, Italy, and the First War of Scottish Independence. These views, and his chronic intervention in “temporal” affairs, led to many bitter quarrels with Albert I of Germany, Philip IV of France, and Dante Alighieri, who wrote his treatise De Monarchia to dispute Boniface’s claims of papal supremacy and placed the pope in the Eighth Circle of Hell in his Divine Comedy, among the simoniacs, i.e. those who sold church roles and sacred objects to empower them with the power of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands.
Boniface issued a bull in 1303 declaring both spiritual and temporal power were under the pope’s jurisdiction, and kings were subordinate to the power of the Roman pontiff. Philip disobeyed and had the bull publicly burnt in Paris in 1302. Boniface excommunicated Philip and all others who prevented French clergy from traveling to the Holy See, after which the king sent his troops to attack the pope’s residence in Anagni on 7 September 1303 and capture him. Boniface was held for three days and beaten badly and died from a fever a month later.
His successor Benedict VI undertook to defend his memory but died in the first year of his pontificate -it was said by poison, and the Holy See remained vacant for 11 months, when a Frenchman, the archbishop of Bordeaux was elected to the papal chair under the title of Clement V. There is little doubt he was Phillip’s choice who then pressured Clement V to stage a posthumous trial of Boniface, accusing him of heresy and sodomy. The Pope referred the process to the 1311 Council of Vienne, where two Templar knights challenged the claim to a trial by combat. With no one willing to fight them, the Council declared the matter closed. Boniface’s body was accidentally exhumed in 1605 and was found to be in relatively good condition, dispensing the legend that he had become frenzied, gnawing his hands, and bashing his brains out against the wall.
The French case against Boniface involved many testimonies, which described Boniface as a free thinker, in the habit of mocking, and cynically regarding things sacred to the church, of practising the black arts. It was commonly reported in Italy, according to witnesses, Boniface had communication with and worshipped demons. One, a friar, brother Bernard de Sorano, said that when Boniface was a cardinal and held the office of notary to Nicholas III, he lay with the papal army before the castle of Puraino, and he having been sent to receive the surrender of the castle returned with the cardinal to Viterbo, where they were lodged in the palace. At night looking out of the window with the cardinal’s chamberlain they saw Boniface enter an adjoining garden, where in a mysterious manner, carrying a cock and an earthen pot he made a circle about himself on the ground with a sword. On seating himself therein he created a fire in the pot and killed the cock sprinkling its blood on the fire causing much smoke. He proceeded to read from a book conjuring up demons during which much noise was heard that made them terrified. One voice clearly heard said “Give us our share”. After this ceremony Boniface returned to his room which he slept in alone, but he was heard talking all night and strange voices answering him.
Eventually under pressure to consider ‘other necessities’ Philip IV agreed to drop the prosecution, and at last, in 1312, Boniface was declared in the Council of Vienne, innocent of all the offences he had been charged.
Make of this as you will, fundamentalists, monarchs, and politicians during the middle ages often said there was no smoke without fire. Boniface VIII has not been alone accused of heresy, and that includes the present Pope Francis (2013 -) whose words and actions have been said to be a comprehensive rejection of Catholic teachings on marriage and sexual activity, on the moral law, and on grace and forgiveness of sins. The pontiff has even been accused of using a satanic symbol at the opening mass of the Synod on Youth in 2018, when he “carried a staff in the form of a ‘stang,’ an object used in satanic rituals”.

Actions to blend Body & Soul

Photo by Anna Shvets on

There’s two kinds of good news we should talk about. Firstly, for those who fear for their children and grandchildren, antibodies are on their way. If you look back in history at the many health scourges decimating communities you will see we have, in the main, developed immunity from those viral problems. There’s no reason to suggest Covid-19 is any different, over one or two generations immunity will be significantly higher. The other bit of good news is you can prevent it becoming a serious problem NOW.

Greetings! This is the last of my weekly emails sent since lockdown began, and it’s week 16. Who would have believed that when all this kicked off in the UK in March? The numerology number 16 resonates with wisdom, independence, and family, is also a number of introspection. It’s wise, intuitive, and tends to be independent, is both spiritual and analytical, a philosopher with sound arguments. Values which I’m sure you would aspire to and quite possibly claim as practise. The news gives us some heads up reports of good sense and inspirational works, but as you would expect not everyone is being sensible or caring for others -so nationally it can’t be said we are living up to all the values the number 16 promotes. The difficulties we are contending with as the lockdown eases can be broadly described as two kinds; people who feel the current restrictions should be lifted, and those who remain fearful viral contamination will continue to spread.
There’s no getting away from the fact Covid-19 is a devastating illness for some with long term effects if they survive it. Whilst we are learning by the day about this virus and work to produce vaccines is intense we still do not have controls we can be sure will eliminate contamination. Some people, perhaps even the majority of population, are asymptomatic, which can mean some are presymptomatic, others don’t show any symptoms at all, and some are immune to the virus. What this means the reported number of cases (which can never represent accurately all who are positive at any one time) is misleading causing people to believe it’s a greater health risk than it actually is, and the recognizable symptoms in elderly and vulnerable who sadly have lost their lives doesn’t necessarily mean they did die of the virus. And given the production of effective vaccines can you expect anyone to stand up and proclaim the death of this virus? I doubt it -I very much doubt it. Why? Covid-19 is a living organism, its predecessors are SARS and MERS, both respiratory infections, the former originating in China and the latter in the Middle East.
Currently 11.6 million people have been confirmed Covid-19 worldwide, of which less than 5% have reportedly died from it. In the UK deaths are estimated at 15%. This makes uncomfortable reading but the percentage of deaths is derived from confirmed positive readings -do not include the asymptomatic or presymptomatic population that haven’t been tested or tested unconfirmed. As pandemics go we are way short of the devastating 1918 influenza pandemic, known as Spanish Flu (said to be transmitted to humans from birds) of which an estimated 500 million people, one third of the world population, had it and from which 10% died.
You must know me by now -I don’t paint dark depressing pictures without suggesting to you where there is light. There’s two kinds of good news we should talk about. Firstly, for those who fear for their children and grandchildren, antibodies are on their way. If you look back in history at the many health scourges decimating communities you will see we have, in the main, developed immunity from those viral problems. There’s no reason to suggest Covid-19 is any different, over one or two generations immunity will be significantly higher. The other bit of good news is you can prevent it becoming a serious problem NOW.
This is not new news from me, but it’s worth repeating as this is my last email on the lockdown phenomenon. Strengthen your immune system! The powers-that-be and any business coercing you to part with cash who promote practices and products to strengthen the immune system will caveat their statements and claims by denying they can protect you from developing Covid-19. This protect your backside attitude weakens the vital importance of good practise and healthy intake of foods and supplements. As you get older the immune system is said to weaken -and yes it does for the vast majority, but tell that to the 100 year old who is still having a daily dram, smokes occasionally and can still appreciate the difference between the sexes, and they will tell you to stop stressing about it! Of course some people are genetically stronger than others, can abuse their body and still not suffer as others might. What has to be understood here is immunity is not managed and strengthened only by what you eat or the frequency of physical exercise, or by medicines -it is directed by the mind.
Take the man or woman who works routinely the adult period of life. They will undergo all kinds of stresses and changes and they overcome them because they have reason to get up and work the following day. No longer wanted? Physically no longer strong enough? Bright, eager younger people ready to do better than you? They retire (wanting to or not) and major changes begin to take place. They have a choice when to get up in the morning and soon find that life now if full of choices. Sounds good doesn’t it -but no its not all good. The physical body is very adaptable, not only can it make changes in a relatively short period of time, it can also turn nasty stuff into good stuff or get rid of it without affecting its functions, but what it must be able to do is cycle and reinvent itself on a daily basis. People who have purpose to get up in the morning, have desire to accomplish, improve and develop their interests will routinely afford the body the cyclical order of change it requires to reinvent itself. And that is the bottom line to building immunity strength and responsiveness.
In my blog I invite you to follow I’ll give tricks and tips on how to build immunity strength -it’s not enough to protest and stubbornly refuse giving in to illness, positive do’s are what strengthen, the feel-good factor. The use of face masks has had a mixed press, but currently the Government is ruling they must be worn in clinical and care environs and also on public transport and whenever one metre distancing cannot be maintained, and there’s serious talk about increased use of masks in shops. Whilst there are practices in environs where wearing masks is the only option available to protect against the virus, unless the mask is close fitting and breathing is through a filter, masks are not 100% effective. Breath enters the nose and mouth from the sides as well as through the porous nature of the mask material and the enclosure becomes humid, thereby attracting airborne viral infections when you breathe. The use of oil on hands and face, including up the nostrils is in my view much more effective. I personally use coconut oil because research shows it breaks up the virus envelope and inhibits the maturation stage of development -this has the same effect as soapy water, but do keep in mind that some soaps aren’t oily, which is also true of many hand sanitizers. As a matter of course when it is necessary to put on protection, on returning to a safe environment wash thoroughly. It may surprise you to see how dirty the water is after washing -just goes to show the oil does protect the skin and how unclean the air is!

The poem I’ve included for this last week is an echo of purpose and work, actions that blend the body with the soul -I hope you like it.

Love’s Weaver

The weaver bending arms of twisted knotted yarns
serves the loom and the loom a pattern makes.
And bent upon the stool, his eyes direct upon the thread
between weft and weave, his vision skips.

The shuttle smooth moves through the shed
to the clack of treadles pressed;
feeling more than seeing, every bone reactive
To the rise and falling weaving shafts.

The sun arcs through the window overhead
dying unnoticed in the west and in the cool
unseen light of night, clouds arise to hide the stars.
Bobbins twirling empty are replaced.

He labours not for kudos or for rates.
As every yarn entwines it speaks;
heddle and treadle selecting straighten out
and the loom alive a drumming music makes.

Star and sun dance light within his bobbing head;
the weavers’ needs are met and the soul unfurls.
Love that has a thousand-silent sounding ee’s
Spins on to weave for all eternity.

A for Abraham the Jew

Turn the “A” upside down and you’ll have a good sense of its original shape and meaning when it was introduced around 1800 BC. Resembling an animal’s head with antlers or horns, the original meaning of the letter in ancient Semitic was “ox.”

Abraham the Jew (Alchemist, magician, and philosopher) was born 1362 in Mayence, Germany. His father was reputed to be a seer and the son’s education would have begun at an early age, later studying under Moses, who Abraham describes as a good man, but entirely ignorant of the True Mystery, and of Veritable Magic. Yet still a young man he began travels, Hungary, Austria, Greece, then to Constantinople where he remained for two years -next moving on into Arabia, in those days a veritable centre of mystical learning, onward into Palestine, and Egypt. Here he made acquaintance with Abra-Melin, the famous Egyptian philosopher who, besides entrusting him with certain documents, confided in him by word of mouth a number of invaluable secrets. He returned to Europe eventually settling in Wurzburg, Germany, where he married and raised a family. He espoused two sons and three daughters. The dowry he gave on all three daughters were sums of 100’000 golden florins -in medieval times a fortune, and in today’s money £11,412,800. He claims to have gained these fortunes and more by travelling as an alchemist and magician. He certainly won great fame during his lifetime, being summoned to perform acts of magic by rich and influential people, notably the Emperor Sigismund of Germany, the Bishop of Wurzburg, King Henry VI, Duke of Bavaria, and Pope John XXIII. Abraham’s career is shrouded in mystery, even the date of his death is uncertain, commonly supposed to have occurred about 1460.

What we know of him comes from a curious manuscript, originally lodged in the archives of the Bibliotheque de l ’Arsenal in Paris and subsequently published in 1760 by Abraham Eleazar as ‘A Very Ancient Alchemical Work’ -likely not his real name.

The original manuscript was entitled, ‘The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, as delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his son Lamech’. The first part is a record of his travels in search of wisdom, the second and third parts are based on the documents which the Egyptian sage gave to Abraham, the principles of Magic, and the practise of Magic. Later chapters cover such subjects as developing clairvoyance, how to retain familiar spirits, bound or free, how to excite tempests, raise the dead, change shape and form, thaumaturgic healing of leprosy, dropsy, paralysis, fevers, and sea sickness. His penultimate chapter is entitled ‘How to cause armed men to appear’. It is by seership and the evocation of Kabbalistic Squares that such magic can be achieved. If you would like to know more about what Kabbalistic Squares are, this commentary could prove helpful,

What we know of his character comes from this document, written partly in Latin, Arabian, Chaldee, and Syriac language. It shows that Abraham was a man of strong beliefs entirely dedicated to occult knowledge, didactic in his language, and a person who would not suffer fools gladly.

Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) is believed to have had copy of this manuscript -now the question for you is this. Given such famous people solicited his services and he was never (apparently) short of a penny, can you believe in his powers? Is it possibly true he was a practitioner of knowledge we can no longer access or understand?

In numerology the letter A in his name signifies Life tends to be approached with ambition and drive, pursued with confidence. Courage tends to be valued. The person tends to express willpower and purpose.

Independence of a kind….

Now let me see… how can I interpret these rules, feel my freedom, but not break them?

Here we are in week 15 of the lockdown with independence day approaching. The number 15 creates its own rules to accomplish harmony, and I guess you can acknowledge some are already creating their own rules, if crowded beaches, street parties, and football supporters celebrations are anything to go by. This number is also about personal responsibility, home and family, and many are now meeting up for the first time since restrictions were imposed. The 15 essence includes health, healing, and domestic activity. Love, beauty, and comfort are important, but the family is most important of all. 15’s energy contains a maternalism that extends beyond the immediate family to neighbors and visitors -it’s a caretaker. The number also has a sense of adventure and a versatile wit. And there’s a determination to express all of one’s own existence, which leads me to question what we mean by the ‘new normal’.
Outwardly, the new normal will be recognizable by the wearing of masks, social distancing, and meeting restrictions on the one hand, and increasing traffic and noise on the other. Inwardly it’s a different ball game. Last week I was talking about habits and how the loss of routines have affected our we are functioning on a day to day level and fearful of change as the lockdown eases. The UK is about to get its own version of Independence day celebrations -and lets be fair, some positively good vibrations being released into our communities. Anticipation to regenerate some of those habits and routines…. But what has been happening inwardly to change our expectations, desires, and needs?
We’ve had more time on our hands, and whilst it’s true to have caused a process of rethinking priorities, it has more positively created ‘spaces’ in the personality mind, which in turn have been filled by desires (and hopefully needs), we haven’t allowed focus on in our otherwise busy lives. For some that will be creative expressions -anything from garden care, home décor, to expressions of crafts and arts. For others, the so-called rethink will be looking at interests, personal or work, in a different way than hitherto. Many people have been remembering their dreams, which can be a mix of unsettling ‘events’ and strange inexplicable images that stimulate or make one fearful. Then there is the lack of practice fear -can you do the same or better than before, or will your nerves jangle with a feeling of emptiness as you prepare to get back to some kind of normality?
If we look closer at the number 15, we see that it’s associated with the 15th card of the Tarot, which many believe to be the most negative card in the deck. The Devil is associated primarily with sensuality and ego (remember Lucifer wanted the other angels to worship him instead of God). However the card is more about change -karmic change. The antidote to excessive ego characteristics is inherent in the 15th number of the I Ching, usually translated as Humility or Modesty. Commenting on this oracle, Confucius says: “The Superior Person takes from where there is too much and augments what is too little. That way all things are apportioned correctly.” This refers to keeping a sense of mindfulness and balance over all of life’s situations.
So, given we have inwardly changed, no matter how the new normal looks like a return to the previously known ways -it won’t be. Our priorities will be different, subtly so in many instances but there will be moments when we herald change and show a new face to the world, be they in personal or workaday living.
History shows us there have been numerous pandemics, some very recent which have not consciously intruded into your day to day life, others of such magnitude and loss of life, to make Covid-19 look minor. What happens as a result of these traumatic changes, and that also includes the horrors of war, is the psyche in all of us individually undergoes fundamental changes. These changes will not consciously manifest overnight, but they will surface nonetheless. We can expect even in the local environment of our lives changes that will be embedded into our futures.
The poem I’ve written for you this week is about time sort of standing still, and how that can make us inwardly aware we cannot truly possess or determine how life and love shapes our souls.

The Seize of Time

Walk with me through the green gate
past the ivy clad barn, the rusted plough,
there let us take shade from the sun
under the spread of the sycamore tree.
Nearby, the gnats cloud the sedge pond

buzz in harmony, chicken’s coop,
geese cackle, and the farm dog barks.
The clack of a hand-turned butter churn
can be heard from the house, the smell
of baking bread wafts in the breeze.

In the far wet-field, revs of a tractor
sound as we sit midst forget-me-not’s,
coriander, dandelion, thistles, and
milkwort, mosses, and warm grass.
Laughing, and making daisy chains.

Out of sight beyond the fields
a distant bell toll seizes time.
Moments that will never age
forever live –of love’s breath
that never shall or can possess.

My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

This is the UK lockdown profile of weeks. First published on email 300620

Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you….. ?

Can you think your way of this?

Age is said rightly to be a state of mind and how that affects a person depends on a number of factors. The word currently in fashion linked to age during this viral pandemic is the word vulnerable -mostly applied to people of 70 or over, and as you know people can’t be ‘boxed’ like that. If like myself you don’t have any underlying health conditions you will reject the label. You will also know some people seem to age more noticeably than others. Traumatic events can age a person as can underlying health conditions and long term illnesses, but the issue that dominates the rate of aging is not physical impairment, it is -in a word; need. By and large when we are children we are wanted and loved, and even when sadly that is not the case our mental and emotional nature is stimulated by the newness of environment -the rate of change. As adults we get to be more selective of what we want and how we are loved. So far so good -the rate of change may be characterised differently but ambition and desires still engage with others who reciprocate and fulfil what we are pleased to call need, ‘but something is happening here  and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?’

That’s the refrain in Bob Dylan’s song ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’, is a question which I think succinctly encapsulates the state of mind that causes ageing. We confuse want with need -think they are the same, or to put it another way, when you get what you want you satisfy need. People suffer physically and mentally, and expire before their allotted lifespan runs its course when they are not needed. For example, a person sees their worth in the employment they have and when retirement is forced upon them, they don’t feel needed anymore. Result? Health problems etc. etcetera. A marriage gets into difficulties -maybe they part, maybe not, but the outcome is need-less. Problems ensue, depression, anxiety, anger, suppression of feelings. At the other end of the ‘scale’, after a long happy marriage one partner dies, the surviving spouse doesn’t feel there is anything to live for -they no longer feel wanted. A mother sees her son grow up and the woman he marries doesn’t like her -she copes with that, but when a grandchild arrives its mother refuses access -all of a sudden the grandmother feels unwanted -feels that her purpose has come to an end.

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            I’ve no doubt you could frame a few examples that have these kinds of outcomes. Let me be clear I’m not saying you shouldn’t develop satisfaction from an employment or business, or that you shouldn’t put value to human relationships -what I am saying is that wants are the cause of all and every kind of attachment we have in this life and sometimes (as per my examples) these attachments are broken or cease to manifest. Need is the opposite of want -it is caused by giving unconditionally -and that is only possible when the higher mind is harmoniously linked with the lower mind. If you ask Simple Simon why it is that so many healers practise at their own expense or for a pittance, he will simply say, ‘because they feel needed’. And the word feel means our personality self (the lower mind) benefits from that harmony. In last week’s post I said, ‘How do you tap into the source of higher wisdom to receive guidance? I answered that rhetorical question by saying it’s an act of faith. An act of faith is an act that promotes need. Is it easy? No -it’s not because we are educated to foster our survival instincts, and competitively to boot. To give without wanting something in return is an act of faith in the higher nature of yourself -it’s a self-healing action.

            The world we are living in right now is obstructing people’s wants wholesale, giving rise to fear on the one hand and frustration on the other, but it does have one redeeming virtue; it is causing people to re-examine their values. The outcomes won’t all be needful -you can be sure of that, but those who do get to the root of the problem will engage with life hereafter in a completely different way. Developing the feel of need is not just about aiding other people, however it is done, it is to any form of life you are drawn to express yourself to. The practise doesn’t require you to sign up to any given set of values, it’s not something you are required to confess to, it is materially zero cost, and doesn’t benefit from advertising. In short it is everything that is not expected of you.

            We are in week 12 of the lockdown -this number 12 is an important one when it comes to numerology since it signifies completion. It also belongs to the star sign Pisces known to be connected with the psychically aware. The number also represents the educational process on all soul levels, the submission of the will required and the sacrifice necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom on both Spiritual and Intellectual levels. When the intellect is sacrificed to the feelings, the mind will be illuminated with the answers it seeks. In the Tarot the number 12 card is the Hanged Man, symbolic of self-sacrifice and meditation -when reversed it represents selfishness.

            Hopefully you will see the poem I have written for this week’s mail relates to what I have been saying.

My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

On being certain

To be certain, to know despite illusions’ evidence
the uniqueness of your border-less being,
is to love and know you are loved.
Inspiration-wise, is to be a love sword drawn,
a light cutting crystal, thrusting stars,
bursting dark loveless creations.

To be fatigued, to feel pain, to be angry with the world,
is to be instrument of an awesome force;
sensitive, naked, premature, and creative.
To know, what the have-nots seek to possess
is to be patient, responsive to the endless request,
knowing that love is an ever-open house.

To be certain, is to be without voice;
a timeless lover, the servant of causes; eunuch.
Is to have authority and no writ to prove it.
To love and be loved is magic much stronger than Man,
yet, it gently entreats pressing a rose in your hand.
And when you are certain, possessed of the force,

all Earth and life therein, constellations and universal sky,
shall become spoke and rim to your love of things,
of life in all its forms. And so, it is designed to be,
all hearts have their soul, in you.
And if this be not true,
then show me if you can, a better way.

This post refers to week 12 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 100620

Number 8 is the symbol of regeneration -repost

Escaping the lockdown perhaps? Definitely not a resident in this garden!

‘there’s none so blind as those who do not want to see’

It’s not by accident or by coincidence (if there be such a thing) restrictions are beginning to be lifted. The number 8 is the symbol of regeneration. If you’ve been reading the news this past week of Covid-19 cases detected as early as December last year, you are perhaps wondering how the world managed to get itself in such a mess. That old saying, ‘there’s none so blind as those who do not want to see’ comes to mind. Some of my own family were in the Maldives in January and were struck down by a mystery illness with much the same symptoms as Covid-19. After three days they recovered, and you will perhaps know the Maldives did have an ‘outbreak’ in March. And given the nervousness of the UK government about easing lockdown restrictions you can take it as read neither they or the scientific community advising them can rely on statistics alone. It would appear the world, unusually united, is pinning its hopes on a vaccine projected to be available anywhere between six and 12 months’ time. Fingers crossed! They said the same about the SARS virus and today -18 months later they still don’t have an effective vaccine.

            So, it’s perfectly understandable why so many people remain fearful. The doctor that works with me, Heinrich Schroeder has advised and given pointers, much of which I’ve passed on. As to why some have passed away whilst others recovered, he says, the immunity response is not strong enough to resist the spread of the virus for those who are ‘slow burners’ of energy. It is well known many forms of medication given to stabilise underlying health conditions and otherwise treat infections have a suppressive effect on the immune system, but what is not so well publicised is the relationship between types of food, how much we eat and the form of exercise and the time we do it. You have to ask yourself how it is that some 90 plus aged people have recovered from the virus and some very young people (without underlying health conditions) have died. Slow and fast burning metabolisms are influenced, not just by lifestyle, but also by genetic makeup. The genes are understood by science only from their physically developing attributes. I am advised by Spirit our genetic structures are ethereal as well as physical forms, and movements of ethnic populations, not to mention intermarriage, in the last hundred years has radically changed the ethnicity patterns of the world’s population.

            Whatever might be your own genetic structure it’s not something you can consciously change but it isn’t the cause alone to make some more susceptible to the virus than others -there are things we can do to protect ourselves according to Heinrich. These are the pointers he gives; aerobic exercise (e.g. walking) taken in the morning is ten times more beneficial than exercise taken later in the day. Reason? With the sun rising the body metabolises energy more naturally, i.e. it functions more systematically, whereas later in the day it naturally slows and doesn’t react well to being ‘pushed’ by exercise. Example; shift workers who work at variance with the natural cycle can often suffer health issues from prolonging that kind of lifestyle. Some foods/drinks we consume are slower to metabolise than others and processed foods/drinks may speed or slow but can be less nourishing than their natural alternatives. The problem here is that most people eat too much at the wrong time. In times past when hunger could be the cause of overeating -the need was at its highest first thing in the morning, so fats created would have a time burning cycle that began in the morning of following days. In today’s world most people eat most after 6 p.m. and given the body’s natural metabolic cycle means it is more than required. Unlike our ancestors we don’t need to ‘fuel up’ in the morning for a physical day’s work ahead, our lifestyle is much different -so the way to deal with this issue of burning is to eat smaller meals more often, this will encourage more physical movements generally, which in turn will stimulate the production of lactic acid that will help to quell appetite.

            It is well known when we are anxious, emotionally upset or stressed, we tend to eat more, whereas what we need is a change of atmosphere. Now we are given permission to be out and about more that should help on that score. If when out you wear a mask be aware they have a limited value as they will cause a more humid air to be drawn in when breathing -as mentioned before your nasal passages are the most susceptible to ingesting the virus. A few drops of essential oil, like tea tree, lavender or rosemary will create a barrier, as will any oil on exposed skin.

            I am getting some very positive responses from my correspondents, which is good to know -I’ve no idea how many people are reading my weekly missives, but I continue to write if only for the few. The poem I have written for this week has echoes of the messages in this mail. And if you wondered where the peacock picture was in my last mail -it didn’t get sent, so here it is!

            Stay healthy and you will stay safe.

            As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

The Darling Buds of May

Oh, for the darling buds of May, how they tease the senses
have us think hazy lazy days, the summer to come.
Yet always the winds blow cold soon after
rain clouds darken blue promise skies
and we will look back fearful of winter.

Have faith, rise like the butterfly
embrace the season of colour!

Are we victim of the virus?
Have we not become stronger -overcome
darkening days, urged our self when weary
shocked the soul, produced new energies
rebirthed beyond expectation, certain of Summers’ solstice?

Look out from the envious shadows and whisper to one another
Oh, for the darling buds of May, the heralds of Summer!

This post refers to week 8 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 120520

Comforting habits are on hold -security is threatened

We are all habitual by nature, they help strengthen our sense of security -so what happens when routines are prevented from happening?

Here we are in week 10 of the lockdown -and still some weeks to go! The number 10 is known as a symbol of the authority of God and his government on this Earth, the symbol of responsibility, law and completeness. It is also regarded as a karmic number -payback time!

By and large people are creatures of habit. Routines with highlights, activities promoting new relationships, absorbing into character whatever legal, political, and social changes as the years unfold. It comes as no surprise during this lockdown the loners have managed to retain their habits better than most. The majority is doing its best to prevent head spinning, depression, and sometimes anger. You are no doubt aware some people are breaking and bending the lockdown rules and will have views about that. We are not all related by our habits -the habit of our character is uniquely born of various sources, not only the example of parents, elders, influential friends, dislikes and likes, also work and social influences. You could call it a brew that never comes the boil, subtlety changing 24-7.

In essence it is the practise of our personality self-seeking self-awareness.

And there’s the rub, as Shakespeare might say, because our personalities are ‘man-made’ self-expressions born with the instinct to survive, propagate and stimulate conflict to make or break. The irony of our present situation is our habitual natures normally maintained to provide personal security of Self has been upended by a security imposed upon us.

And whilst you might say -for good reason, it is having traumatic effects. Mentally and emotionally many are feeling insecure and fearful of the future. There are rumblings about the emergency powers having political emphases in tomorrow’s world. Track and trace, wholesale vaccinations, the stay save messaging mantras are for some advent of mind control, the shadow of George Orwell’s Big Brother.

Of course, you might not think the present powers are so Machiavellian in character and take the view that some people will always think the worse and see the dark side, but something is happening to cause a sense of insecurity to dominate peoples thoughts. The lockdown will end -be sure about that; governments intent is sooner rather than later; their survival depends on it. I suggest the colour of the political landscape is not prime cause of your feelings of insecurity, rather it is what’s happening in your own street, with family and friends.

Job security has for some time been largely contractually based and we are learning to live with that, but now with businesses large and small going to the wall, futures for many is becoming more and more uncertain. The ‘office’ world will never be the same again. Working from home most days demands less space to lease or rent -phone and computing demands will grow exponentially; new skills will need to be learnt. Personal relationships will be under new kinds of pressures. Taxation will rise -money has to come from somewhere to pay national debts and support changing economies.

The irony I mentioned earlier is even more profound when you realise the instrumental nature of life, essential for continuing propagation and soul development by its very nature demands insecurity to function! Intuition is not a rational process! Man has never been good at recognising this, and still doesn’t acknowledge the essential benefits have come from the few who have opened their minds beyond the personality’s borders.

Can we truly learn from the number 10? Hope springs eternal….

            My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. Email this week is only later as I’ve had other ‘jobs’ to do! The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. My poem for you today is about the conflict between the rational man ( the stone man) and his higher counterpart. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

Song of the Sea

Beyond the Stone Man lives a psychic sea
wherein thespian arts are founded,
on the whisperings of immortality.

Earth genius, maker of machinery
hear before claiming, my invocation
beyond the Stone Man lives a psychic sea,

thesaurus more precious than history,
an interlocking alien kingdom:
the whisperings of immortality.

Stone Man, creator of insanity
repeat after me this incantation,
beyond the Stone Man lives a psychic sea,

where sceptres and crowns were facsimile
long before Archimedes heard in song,
the whisperings of immortality.

Knights and Bishops, guardians of the Tree,
Knowledge, and Faith, have you now forgotten
beyond the Stone Man lives a psychic sea,

of mistakes made in your liturgy
by making your God of wisdom, to wrong
the whisperings of immortality?

I wait the last act of this tragedy

powerless to prevent consummation.
Beyond the Stone Man lives a psychic sea

where his soul sits under the Bodhi tree
ever present awaiting earthly union,
to share the whisperings of immortality.

This post refers to week 10 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 280520

Awareness of a wider World

A feeling of expectation perhaps, awareness of a wider world?

Have you noticed a change in the atmosphere, not just the increasing movements of people as restrictions are being eased? A feeling of expectation perhaps, awareness of a wider world? the big picture is increasingly the main topic on news broadcasts as governments watch each other, accounting for other’s mistakes and trying to learn from successes. The competitive pharmaceutical industry is sitting in the same room working together for the first time in history. The money-men of power have licked their wounds and are once again on the march. Anger and resentment is beginning to show in the UK at perceived failures to act in a timely manner, with the care home tragedy a central focus. And I daresay, that despite good intentions, you are thinking the behaviour of peoples is once again becoming normal -but I don’t think so.

            The number 9 is the number of completion.  When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9. For example, 6 x 9 = 54, reduce 54 to a single digit by adding them together: 5 + 4 = 9. Any number, no matter how large, multiplied by 9 reduces to 9. A different, but no less distinctive and revealing, attribute of the 9 is that when you add (as opposed to multiply) it to any other number, then reduce that number to a single digit, it always comes back to itself, as if nothing was added at all. For example, 5 + 9 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5. Or 7 + 9 = 16, 1 + 6 = 7. 24 (which reduces to 6). The last of the cardinal numbers, the 9 is the most worldly and sophisticated of all numbers. The 9 has some similarities with the 6. However, whereas the 6 as a symbol of motherly (or fatherly) love, giving its love and care to friends, family and the immediate community, the 9 offers it to the world at large; the 9, more than any other number, has global consciousness! As with any number, the 9 has a dark side. It can be condescending, arrogant, cold and apathetic towards the suffering of others, egotistic, cruel, immoral and completely untouchable. And unfortunately, it is easy for a 9 to fall into the dark side, like when she perceives herself to have been the victim of an injustice, then she can be vindictive, unforgiving and malicious. When the 9 appears as a cycle (and that is how, given the current pandemic, it is most tellingly interpreted), it often denotes a finality, the completion of an era. The 9 as a cycle is frequently seen as an indicator of death. This is simplistic and wrong. What one or more 9 cycles does suggest is that you are in the final stages of a period or endeavour, that you need to empty your bucket and prepare for the new and that there are opportunities to make a difference.

            This incursion into Numerology is not given to blind you with ‘clever maths’ but to remind you that beyond the Man’s cycle of 0-7 death there is always a bigger picture we don’t have control over; influences that will shape our destiny. Wise men of the past have likened our consciousness to a grain of sand, and whilst that should always be a lesson in humility, it is also telling us that we part of the moving face of universal consciousness. Size and position do not determine worth, potentiality or power -what does is harmonic understanding. And how is that achieved you might reasonably ask? When your back is up against the wall, survival is threatened, and the power to resist is swept away, the higher nature gains entry into your earthly made consciousness and the essence of universal love becomes the engine of change.

            Every ‘grain of sand’ has a part to play.

            My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. My poem for you today is about transformation -that’s what is now taking place. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

Gilda’s Valley

Cold winds blow in Gilda’s valley;
Pine trees bare their branches bowing
to the valley sweep, snow drifts
in every recess, closing up
the cave mouth and the foxes hole.

And when the orbit of the wind
dies screaming at the funnels mouth,
eerie stillness clings to every pine.
The valley has the emptiness
of absent birds. Each wind struck

tendril savaged from the bough
lies black upon the drifted snow,
more alive than dead –waiting change;
dissolution in the spring thaw.
And for the thrush who fell asleep

cradled in the pine root mosses
gently held in the bedding snow,
Spring has met the summer sun.
Pine trees have spread their branches,
Birds sing heavenly, and warm
winds blow in Gilda’s valley.

This post refers to week 9 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 190520

How do you tap into the source of higher wisdom to receive guidance?

How do you tap into the source of higher wisdom to receive guidance? To put it simply -it’s an act of faith. However, we (the population at large) have a problem with that.

I’m writing this week’s email after having watched the BBC news, never edifying at the best of times, today headlining the riots in America, criticism of the governments number crunching slants, further fears of mass unemployment, lockdown breaches -and on a lighter note Parisians eating their lunch outside of restaurants. The number 11 is one of three master numbers (the others being 22 and 33) and is the higher vibratory meanings of single digits 1 and 2. The number 1 is innovative and motivated, open to new things and eager to make a difference. The number 2 promotes harmony, empathy, and sensitivity. In short the number 11 utilises these attributes in much deeper, more profound ways as  the bringer of spiritual awareness and wisdom. It is a channel for truth and answers to help us achieve justice.

            As always numerology presents the potential of numbers so we can see the riots in America as demand for justice, the need for more transparency from our own government as a call to credit the man in the street with intuitional sense. At the same time awareness of the higher nature potential needs tapping into to alleviate the fears people have, which brings me to the theme of this week’s mail.

            How do you tap into the source of higher wisdom to receive guidance? To put it simply -it’s an act of faith. However, we (the population at large) have a problem with that. We have been schooled to adjoin the understanding of faith with outcomes familiar to us. On the job front, given we are diligent and focussed, we have jobs, good personal relationships can be expected if we care, show tolerance, and actively give and take. On the religious front provided we sign up to the dogmas and creeds we can feel ‘protected’. So, the problem is this; you can be diligent and focussed and still not have a job, you can do all to foster good relationships but you can’t control worldly influences causing fear and anxiety. And whilst religious faith can give ultimate ‘protection’ it will not blanket protect you from day to day influences. There have been many pandemics in world history, and it can be argued, plagues that compare our current viral concerns as ‘a walk in the park’. Whole city populations virtually wiped out, as for example Antioch (Turkey) in the 6th century and the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople (Istanbul) suffered greatly during the reign of the emperor Justinian. Both Eastern and Western Roman Empires at that time were religiously Christian, and it can be argued their faith was stronger then than it is now -but to no avail.

            The problem is Faith is not an insurance policy, events show the truth of that, whether it be faith in temporal matters or religious faith. We appear to have lost the meaning. Allow me to suggest what it really is. It is the ability of the lower soul to act instrumentally to receive of the higher soul. The parable of the Sower aptly shows how this is practised. We all have the capability but some will be unable to recognise it in themselves (the seed fell on the path and birds ate it up), others will only be channel as children (the soil was shallow and the plants were scorched and withered by the sun), still more others will acknowledge the higher self but they allow the lower soul to rule (seed fell among thorns which grew up and choked the plants). The seed that did find good soil increased an hundred fold. The harvest feeds all in need.

            How, you might ask, do you become the good seed? True faith has the virtue of guiding our earthly passage, of instilling harmony when all else is in conflict with itself. I’m fully aware many of my correspondents either regard themselves as practising psychics or have engaged in psychic and spiritual development -and you might be thinking I’m about to teach you how to suck eggs.

            Perhaps. As from next week I will show you how to regain the faith -or if you are one of the fortunate few, lessons you can advise to others. The poem I have written for this week may seem to be a bit of a tease, but I promise all will be revealed in time to come. This Master Number’s vision is crystal clear and it sees with a breadth that others cannot. It is creative and magnetic, a beacon of wisdom and hope for others to follow.

            My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

The Key

In the dawn light
on a black beach waiting the white
of the eye of the Sun,
I seek the sparse
sprawl of the tundra; mind of myself.
Waiting for the hand over hand
thought of their wanting cease
and their chains stop a-jingling.

What of them?
They still cleansing
re-marking the way?
Intent on darkening
the path to Damascus?
The people’s sleeping hands
reach for my throat
all as one intent
to imbue me
with the stuff of darkness.

Our Father – is their pitying cry
even higher beseeching
save us!
that communise
comes crooning to me
from land
Out of the sea.

This post refers to week 11 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 020620

Lucky for some….

Are you getting a good deal?

We are now in week 13 of the lockdown and restrictions are being eased and if today’s pictures of shoppers queuing to get into Primark is a sign of the times, then for many the two metres distancing rule is no longer valid. Although the number 13 is able to express itself creatively, practicality is more important to it. It tends to determine the way to accomplish something without relying on others to make its decisions. That explanation should strike a bell -the ‘bubble’ as advised by the government is in practice being liberally interpreted. The number 13 is regarded by many as an unlucky number -a number to avoid if at all possible. The meanings that we associate with 13 being unlucky generally come from the symbolic and mystical associations that have come down from the ancient world. In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 13th card is called Death or The Reaper depending on which deck you use, though it should be said the correct way to read the Death card in the Tarot is as a process of transformation and rebirth. Another prominent explanation for the fear of the number 13, is that it came from the biblical Last Supper, when there were 13 people at the table. And again if you add in black cats on Friday 13th for many that means don’t leave the house.
Positively (and we must be that) the numerology number 13 resonates with pragmatism and building a secure foundation. What we see in this week of the lockdown are people intent on restoring their practical work-a-day lives. How can we be guided to do this safely? The short answer is -be guided by your impressions, but that does need some explanation. As many of you know I teach BodyMind meditation -a process to awaken and develop the powers of impression. It has two levels of capability which work in harmony. The first level is a development of the chakra system with its centre on the sacral (Svadhisthana) chakra. Our energy management is rooted in this chakra -it is the gut brain. On an average, the brain (in our head) has 100 billion neurons; it is the seat of thinking. The gut or the digestive system has close to 500 million nerve cells and 100 million neurons and is almost the size of a cat’s brain. Not only does the gut ‘talk’ with the brain by releasing chemicals which are transported to the brain but also by sending electrical signals via the Vagus nerve, one of the longest nerves in the body whose purpose is to relay the information of internal organs to the brain. It starts from the head and ends near the anus. Whilst many gut neurons are used in the daily grind of digestion and work independently of the brain in your head, overall they function as a kind of radar on the one hand and as a transmitting system on the other. At a physiological level it can advise what’s good and what’s not good -and if we are as ‘switched on’ as cats are we don’t eat foods which could harm us. Even the most de-tuned of people can feel something wrong about atmospheres, though they might not do anything about it. At a mental emotional level this is where we can get impressions. when we learn to act upon them, rather than regarding them as stray thoughts, we will be able to move about in this new normal world we have in safety.

We need to get better at listening -which I hope you will agree is the message of my poem this week.

My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

Rhyme Chapter Time

In the noising babble born brook
here in the dell of this unkempt wood
under the sky torn kingfisher blue,
I watch the water boatman swim great strides
forward and back in a mirror brown pool.
And all the insects I cannot give name
clamber across the wetted breast of curving stone
seeking warm rock under Junes’ creaming sun.

All for my eyes moist and ear muffled mind
this paradise, this pageantry, this rhyme chapter time.

The warble, deep throat, high pitch sing’un of bird
flashing from tree, fern and bracken bower’d bush,
appear from beyond the V of this hollow’s high shelf
where nettles wave their tear dropping heads
and the spring born rivulet breathing wet
rushes lemming like into a mirror faced lake.

I can just hear the moor hens chirp, more silence than sound,
a chorus no doubt to a wordless symphonic hymn.
But wait! I cannot yet understand the boatman or me.
Perhaps I should listen, look more intently, or just simply be.

All for my eyes moist and ear muffled mind
this paradise, this pageantry, this rhyme chapter time.

This post refers to week 13 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 160620

Freedom is the number this week

Here we are in week 14 of the lockdown (who would have thought it would last this long?). The number 14 is a number of expressing personal freedom, including independence and self-determination, the number also symbolizes the process of moving. … yet, the number generally has one or several self-assigned goals, it’s easily distracted by other, generally fleeting, interests. The charisma of 1 with the work ethic of the number 4 suggests the ability to achieve in the worlds of business or politics. It can be a message for you to go after what you want in life without a fear of what other people are going to think. In the Tarot this number is symbolized by Temperance or The Angel of Time. Karmically this is about the need to learn independence, self-initiative, unity and justice. We are about to get a relaxation of the two-metre rule, an expectation of more businesses able to restart, more inclusive connections of family groups, and outlook for public socializing in clubs, pubs and restaurants. It will no doubt be fearful for some, whilst others will be eager to ‘bend the rules’ in their march to normality.
And talking of ‘bending the rules’, the Black Lives Matter movement rallies in the UK have been doing that congregating in less than one metre spaces. Do black people matter? Of course they do -and should there be equality between all people -of course there should! Prejudice has many levels and can be expressed in many different ways, but the bottom line is fear of displacement -loss of self-identity. The world’s history is full of such examples, of peoples who have been subjugated -the cause to control and suppress them not abhorrence of ethnically different peoples, but desire for power and self-aggrandisement . It’s the voices of those we cannot hear who are disenfranchised, whatever their colour or ethnic background, we should be reaching out too -they can be members of family, friends, acquaintances, and the neighbour we rarely speak to. As it happens the major influence in my life has been the life and teachings of a black man -Joseph Carey. Joey was born in Louisiana in 1834 and passed into Spirit in 1901. There is no recorded history of him on this side of life -he was sibling to freed slave parents, who married had children, did a variety of jobs in a confederacy state -and during the war followed the army of Robert E Lee, where there were jobs to be had. As the main guide of my teacher Len Burden I got to speak with him often, when Len was in deep trance. He never spoke about prejudice, or did he ever talk about his earthly life’s regrets. And I’ve no doubt plenty could have been said -instead he taught as we common folk like to think we could become, unconditionally loving all and everyone. One of his favourite phrases when endeavoring to have listeners think for themselves, was –‘the answer is under your nose’, which leads me to advise the second part of how to awaken and develop the powers of impression.
As I advised last week the power of impression has two levels that work in harmony. Harmony however you characterise it is a state of balance -the first level physiological, emotional, and mental, as described in detail in last week’s post, is centered having its fulcrum in the sacral (Svadhisthana) chakra, and is the root of our instinctual nature. It has two poles commonly described as flight and fear -the former is activated by the needs of self-preservation, the latter is the unknowable fear of ‘God’. To realise this level the entire chakra system has to be balanced about the sacral chakra -when it is active a person has the ability to sense their present environment and know what is ‘friendly’ and what is not, they also have the ability to engage their energies as a positive helpful influence to others, and other forms of life. When the chakra system is in balance with the fulcrum sacral chakra the brain mind has little influence over reception and action. The second level is more complex as it involves three forms of focus, but cannot be effective, and let me repeat that -cannot be effective unless the harmony required of the first level is not in practise. Whereas the first level can be named instinctual the second level is named intuitional. For most people, and I include psychics as well, the intuitional level is only apparent as a ‘bluebird’ or by event that causes its function. Developed correctly it is a 24-7 functional ability. It requires the heart (Anahata) chakra to be balanced with all chakras, and the balance configuration of the first level to be balanced with heart chakra configuration. When this is achieved a seesaw of actionable abilities is achieved of which the fulcrum is the solar plexus (Manipura) chakra. I know of no other meditation practices designed to achieve this other than the BodyMind meditations I teach.
You will appreciate I can’t give you A to Z on the how’s and what’ in a weekly mail, though if sufficient interest is shown I’ll talk more about it in future posts. We need to get better -do more than listen well, -we need to actively harmonise ourselves, and by so doing attract others to the cause. The message in my poem this week does reflect what I’ve been talking about -bit on the deep side I know. The only line in it I feel it would be helpful to explain is ‘Fair light of Africa ‘- that’s where it all began for us humanoids…. Many, many moons ago…

My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

Fellowship Farm

Cobbled pathways of shiny stone
remind me of barefoot masters,
wine that never tasted sweet
or gave itself to keep;
steps that ever up make different sounds
track that turns and doubles back
too wise to part, sensing to what end Fellowship Farm;
where morning meets a lark in willow park
where the wind chimes.

To go part of the way what traveller gains?

Cold night, this echo of my sister’s will
whose breast of porcelain white
is the beacon to my closing eye,
Bursar to the treasure of this traveller’s ship
fair light of Africa.

There from its ports tethered angels fly
to wind their purpose in the sky,
here mortals sleep,
to God’s apprentice souls of unsure shape
enter seeds as daffodils, and become
as the kiss upon a parting rosebud.

Lady night that stretches out these sails in flight
my home is there in the stranded black
endless track amid the stars.

This post refers to week 14 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 230620