Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you….. ?

Can you think your way of this?

Age is said rightly to be a state of mind and how that affects a person depends on a number of factors. The word currently in fashion linked to age during this viral pandemic is the word vulnerable -mostly applied to people of 70 or over, and as you know people can’t be ‘boxed’ like that. If like myself you don’t have any underlying health conditions you will reject the label. You will also know some people seem to age more noticeably than others. Traumatic events can age a person as can underlying health conditions and long term illnesses, but the issue that dominates the rate of aging is not physical impairment, it is -in a word; need. By and large when we are children we are wanted and loved, and even when sadly that is not the case our mental and emotional nature is stimulated by the newness of environment -the rate of change. As adults we get to be more selective of what we want and how we are loved. So far so good -the rate of change may be characterised differently but ambition and desires still engage with others who reciprocate and fulfil what we are pleased to call need, ‘but something is happening here  and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?’

That’s the refrain in Bob Dylan’s song ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’, is a question which I think succinctly encapsulates the state of mind that causes ageing. We confuse want with need -think they are the same, or to put it another way, when you get what you want you satisfy need. People suffer physically and mentally, and expire before their allotted lifespan runs its course when they are not needed. For example, a person sees their worth in the employment they have and when retirement is forced upon them, they don’t feel needed anymore. Result? Health problems etc. etcetera. A marriage gets into difficulties -maybe they part, maybe not, but the outcome is need-less. Problems ensue, depression, anxiety, anger, suppression of feelings. At the other end of the ‘scale’, after a long happy marriage one partner dies, the surviving spouse doesn’t feel there is anything to live for -they no longer feel wanted. A mother sees her son grow up and the woman he marries doesn’t like her -she copes with that, but when a grandchild arrives its mother refuses access -all of a sudden the grandmother feels unwanted -feels that her purpose has come to an end.

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            I’ve no doubt you could frame a few examples that have these kinds of outcomes. Let me be clear I’m not saying you shouldn’t develop satisfaction from an employment or business, or that you shouldn’t put value to human relationships -what I am saying is that wants are the cause of all and every kind of attachment we have in this life and sometimes (as per my examples) these attachments are broken or cease to manifest. Need is the opposite of want -it is caused by giving unconditionally -and that is only possible when the higher mind is harmoniously linked with the lower mind. If you ask Simple Simon why it is that so many healers practise at their own expense or for a pittance, he will simply say, ‘because they feel needed’. And the word feel means our personality self (the lower mind) benefits from that harmony. In last week’s post I said, ‘How do you tap into the source of higher wisdom to receive guidance? I answered that rhetorical question by saying it’s an act of faith. An act of faith is an act that promotes need. Is it easy? No -it’s not because we are educated to foster our survival instincts, and competitively to boot. To give without wanting something in return is an act of faith in the higher nature of yourself -it’s a self-healing action.

            The world we are living in right now is obstructing people’s wants wholesale, giving rise to fear on the one hand and frustration on the other, but it does have one redeeming virtue; it is causing people to re-examine their values. The outcomes won’t all be needful -you can be sure of that, but those who do get to the root of the problem will engage with life hereafter in a completely different way. Developing the feel of need is not just about aiding other people, however it is done, it is to any form of life you are drawn to express yourself to. The practise doesn’t require you to sign up to any given set of values, it’s not something you are required to confess to, it is materially zero cost, and doesn’t benefit from advertising. In short it is everything that is not expected of you.

            We are in week 12 of the lockdown -this number 12 is an important one when it comes to numerology since it signifies completion. It also belongs to the star sign Pisces known to be connected with the psychically aware. The number also represents the educational process on all soul levels, the submission of the will required and the sacrifice necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom on both Spiritual and Intellectual levels. When the intellect is sacrificed to the feelings, the mind will be illuminated with the answers it seeks. In the Tarot the number 12 card is the Hanged Man, symbolic of self-sacrifice and meditation -when reversed it represents selfishness.

            Hopefully you will see the poem I have written for this week’s mail relates to what I have been saying.

My thanks to replies I receive -and everyone I reply too. The intention to recover and make a better world is a theme most often central to emails I receive. Stay healthy and you will stay safe. As always I include a link for the self-healing recording, feel free to pass it around to whomever you wish.

On being certain

To be certain, to know despite illusions’ evidence
the uniqueness of your border-less being,
is to love and know you are loved.
Inspiration-wise, is to be a love sword drawn,
a light cutting crystal, thrusting stars,
bursting dark loveless creations.

To be fatigued, to feel pain, to be angry with the world,
is to be instrument of an awesome force;
sensitive, naked, premature, and creative.
To know, what the have-nots seek to possess
is to be patient, responsive to the endless request,
knowing that love is an ever-open house.

To be certain, is to be without voice;
a timeless lover, the servant of causes; eunuch.
Is to have authority and no writ to prove it.
To love and be loved is magic much stronger than Man,
yet, it gently entreats pressing a rose in your hand.
And when you are certain, possessed of the force,

all Earth and life therein, constellations and universal sky,
shall become spoke and rim to your love of things,
of life in all its forms. And so, it is designed to be,
all hearts have their soul, in you.
And if this be not true,
then show me if you can, a better way.

This post refers to week 12 in the UK lockdown, first published on email 100620

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Holistic Health practitioner, writer & poet, psychic & spiritual teacher

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