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As you can see from the pic I’m not in the bloom of youth!

I was born in ‘Bomb Alley’, a village in Kent. My earliest memories are of innocently watching dogfights in the sky, being pushed under the kitchen table, or taken protesting to the Anderson shelter at the bottom of the garden. And after peace was declared walking to the chapel that served as a school past deserted gun emplacements, leaving my mark on the shell of a downed doodlebug, hanging about newsagents asking customers for cigarette cards, reading by torchlight in bed, falling asleep to the sound of church bells ….. dreaming of a life at sea.

I was 12 before I’d seen a television or used a phone, 13 when I left formal schooling and joined a training ship. A seasoned traveller with 40 countries to my credit at 21. High and dry in Portsmouth thereafter when most young people in today’s world are still being educated, unsure of what to do with my life.

It is said necessity is the mother of all invention, and in my case not knowing a soul and in need of company I learnt to dance and found to my surprise I was rather good at it, became a dance teacher and set my sights on a career in musical theatre -but it was not to be. A girlfriend at that time, more like a sister than a passionate love, badgered me into seeing a medium she knew, as she felt my intended passage was not what I should be doing. The rest as they say is history….

I was psychically sensitive but didn’t have a name for it. Having an attunement with the natural world didn’t strike me as special in any way. My mother was a green fingered gardener who could make anything grow, scoffed at pills, and would treat me and my brothers with her own ‘concoctions’ whenever we were ‘under the weather’, as she would put it. Being something of a creative writer and sensitive to the world of nature, I thought that was all there was too it. I was about to be educated!

I’ve written extensively about this explosion of psychic awareness in my book, ‘Tales of Bellerophon -On the Banks of the Shalimar’ you can access this on my book page. Enough about me -why this blog?

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The importance of being…..

In my time I’ve had rank, uniform, named businessman and owner, titled reverend and president, healer and medium. These appellations have no appeal and when asked what religion I espouse my answer has the intention of ending that subject conversation. Whilst many live to strengthen the names they have been given, I have not. I do my best to fulfil functions which have name but will not trade on the name. Labels of distinction can limit the awareness of an individual’s true identity -can repress facets of one’s soul, more to the point they can bolster the ego and give personality the illusion of kingship.
The ancient masters, whose ways of life I venture to follow, most of whom are completely unknown to history, never sought public acclimation, or heeded the conventions of their time -they often lived in the company of others, appeared like ordinary unexceptional human beings, but in reality were the unseen progenitors of ancient truths. They fulfilled the needs of their souls, expressed in a variety of ways understanding achieved by harmonising the different aspects of their nature.
This blog is a record of present forms of expression that arise from experience, current events, and journeys of others who, like me, seek harmony of self and walk the narrow path, often alone, unrecognised, sensitive to needs of others. Life teaches us self-realisation through actions of service which bestow benefits instrumentally channelled to the present world.
Trading on names gets you nowhere. God is no respecter of persons.

“The wind bloweth where it listeth”

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