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Tales of Bellerophon -On the Banks of the Shalimar

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Paperback £9.95

In January 2005 Tony Ashenden sat down after lunch and … disappeared. When he reappeared 20 minutes later his entire world had changed. During the next nine months a series of extraordinary experiences led him to question his sanity and the very meaning of life. Tales of Bellerophon –On the Banks of the Shalimar is the tale of one man’s soul journey, a perilous adventure into unknown worlds beyond our form and time; in which he struggles both to understand these experiences and to reconcile his own identity with the different person he becomes. How events of childhood and youth are revealed for their true meaning and life’s purpose expands beyond comprehension. Are we one or many? How did Man evolve? These and other fundamental questions are answered in this life changing account. This book is a revelation of human nature beyond the grave, of a continuity that sobers the most expectant and will shock those secure in their belief that death is the end.

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In Pursuit of Right Order

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This is a workbook essentially -the meditations reveal instrumental understanding, the power to receive and act upon intuitional knowledge. Ideally you should be taught these modes of meditation by a qualified BodyMind Power Meditation teacher, but should you view this book unaware of a teacher and want to get started -then you can. Follow the guidance given in the book, the practise is inherently safe, but should you begin to experience mental and emotional changes disturbing your sense of well-being, stop the practise and consult a practitioner who is knowledgeable of psychic expression, and/or a reputable counselling person. BodyMind Power Meditation is not a religious practise – neither does it encourage you to be religious, you can be an Atheist, Agnostic, or profess to be Humanist. You can be a psychic practitioner, a complementary or alternative therapist or none of these, perhaps a hard-nosed business person! This practise can benefit all, whatever your way of life.

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