Poetry is addictive

If you are not already aware -be warned, writing poetry is addictive. You may like me have other writing skills prose-like, non-fiction, fiction, or faction. If you get hooked on writing a poem, in your heart of hearts you know you cannot finish it until it’s a work of art -that means every word must count, they must be the right words, and the poem must be more than words alone convey.

It’s addictive because we can never be sure we have achieved, not only birthed but given long life to the piece.

In many years of ‘garret writing’ there’s one difficult lesson which must be learnt, that is -don’t file it in the pending tray, publish the damn thing, because art is an evolutionary process. Pieces do not mature into art if they remain stuck in your mind. The blank sheet of paper is only terrifying when the mind is still hosting ‘unfinished’ poems.

After you post it’s gone from your mind -later perhaps you might unpublish and rework. My experience tells me the piece gets better, and ….. and ….. it might also be unworkable -possibly a work of art!

Author: TonyA..........

Holistic Health practitioner, writer & poet, psychic & spiritual teacher

3 thoughts on “Poetry is addictive”

  1. Great post, I can attest that all creative work feels ‘incomplete’ be it Poetry, Music or other forms of Art.

    The bane of the human condition is the strive for perfection, though not truly attainable as we continuously develop, expression is the key to our betterment.

    My favourite poets include Byron, Alighieri, Keats, Fontaine, Poe, Rumi, D. H Lawrence, Eliot, al-Qais, Marti, Voltaire to name a few.


  2. Every piece of knowledge written anywhere can be considered poetry. But it has to be unearthed and discovered. The greatness of which depends upon the reader who can digest its substance. Thanks, Tony. Be safe !


  3. दोस्त नशा नही यहा पर
    कहते जुनून हैं इसको
    द्रष्टि पड़े जब माता की
    तभी आंखों चढ़े वो।।

    आप जिसे कविता कहते
    हम कहते छन्दः यहां
    आप अपनी नज़रो सही
    हम अपनी नज़रो सही यहां।।

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