How does the song go?

“All you need is Love

Love is all you need”

The key word here is NEED

My blog is all about identifying need -when need is known your true identity rebirths!

Welcome to my blog -let’s get 21st Century real!

Latest from the Blog


this poem brings to light the order of existence, the rules of supremacy. The qualities and characteristics of a living being sets their place in the pattern of life. Do intellect and emotions make humans superior to other species? Is it the strong against the weak, the voluble against the mute?

No Emperor’s Head

Tony’s poetry lays bare the faceless and nameless who claim to fight in the support of their beliefs and rigidities. First, pawns played by the superpowers, then threats targeting those who birthed them, violating the world as they deem fit. This radicalism and political warfare are terminal illnesses in themselves. Who bows to whom and … Continue reading “No Emperor’s Head”

The Ribbon of a Madman’s’ Weave

Granite SliverArrowhead I see you spurnedby Pigmy Bowmanyet you suffice and scathethe greening mortar…Mind that delibly recordsattemptmy show and outward personality.This ribbon of a madman’s weaveis the tape of all my sayingsmallborder thin and compass handthe clutch and stayFingers….Placing granite slabs to facetheir palms of tungsten fleshtoward the shortened eye.Yet soonthe tongue of this my … Continue reading “The Ribbon of a Madman’s’ Weave”

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