How does the song go?

“All you need is Love

Love is all you need”

The key word here is NEED

My blog is all about identifying need -when need is known your true identity rebirths!

Welcome to my blog -let’s get 21st Century real!

Latest from the Blog

The Price of Fish

Pray hard for the men who hunt the deep seain their cockleshell boats out of Clydewho scour the cold swims of Poseidon’s green headfilling iced holds with dead alive-eyes.Where the North wind screech is God’sangered ethereal Hand, and fearis the shake of worn riveted plate andLove is a church locked up on the land. Elemental … Continue reading “The Price of Fish”

Ghosts in Breakers Creek

In muddy mouthed Portsea Creek unwatchedforgotten ships lay beached and breathless,dashed and smashed cut and bled, weatherbeaten, picked and broken by the docksidestooping crane’s bill collecting scrap. Their final journeys over shallows draggingbarnacle crusted bottoms over shinglegroaned past the red flagged gunnery range,pulled and pushed by impatient tugs, awarefalling tides and sucking mud claim victims. … Continue reading “Ghosts in Breakers Creek”

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