How does the song go?

“All you need is Love

Love is all you need”

The key word here is NEED

My blog is all about identifying need -when need is known your true identity rebirths!

Welcome to my blog -let’s get 21st Century real!

Latest from the Blog

Four Seasons for New England

In the season that is master of MagicFrom the brown fist where daffodils twistDeva’s who die are restlessly bornEarth fire is formed and warms the dry stickThe first cause that is last has begun When the bulb bursts into glorious budIn the sloughing of the skin, I am bornMany are called from the cause of…

The Reassuring Voice

Ah, winsome love, what aches your heart, breaksthe rhythm of your mentor’s rhyme, stuns you into silence?Does the world debase and sully your native innocencetrade on your gentleness, draw on the giving Self?Do you fear the well has gone dry and life’s efforta hoist of cold rocks, the brain tired of strictures,Of duty -duty denying…

In Memory of Sarah King

Had you known your granite headstonewould be flanked by two unknownsyou might have thought it significant;as yours stands tall like one chosencompared to their drunken faces. The tree that shadows where you layits sloughed bark being last to viewthe moonlights felicitations;In your day sinewy green with youthhas suffered change like you have. The proud and…

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