How does the song go?

“All you need is Love

Love is all you need”

The key word here is NEED

My blog is all about identifying need -when need is known your true identity rebirths!

Welcome to my blog -let’s get 21st Century real!

Latest from the Blog

The Ribbon of a Madman’s’ Weave

Granite SliverArrowhead I see you spurnedby Pigmy Bowmanyet you suffice and scathethe greening mortar…Mind that delibly recordsattemptmy show and outward personality.This ribbon of a madman’s weaveis the tape of all my sayingsmallborder thin and compass handthe clutch and stayFingers….Placing granite slabs to facetheir palms of tungsten fleshtoward the shortened eye.Yet soonthe tongue of this my … Continue reading “The Ribbon of a Madman’s’ Weave”

A Day in the Night of the Walking Sleeper

Published on MasticadoresIndia MasticadoresIndia FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE and spread the word Ah! The painthe wanting all over dilemmasober reach outsweet grape of confusion;a duchess spread out on her savage’s bedwilling her bloodred to the lips of her lackeying male,neither caring the speech or the stain of his whip.Taking the seventhof her seconding breaths at the weep of … Continue reading “A Day in the Night of the Walking Sleeper”

A Shepherd’s Tale

Published on MasticadoresIndia MasticadoresIndia FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE and spread the word. Consider, discuss, decide as you must. A boyof nine I was, given to play? Yes-but impatient to grow. A minder of sheepand goat, not quite a shepherd, you understand.Arab Jewish Samaritans, lowborn we wereunder Roman rule in the land of Moses. Tent dwellers; nomadic in the … Continue reading “A Shepherd’s Tale”

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