How does the song go?

“All you need is Love

Love is all you need”

The key word here is NEED

My blog is all about identifying need -when need is known your true identity rebirths!

Welcome to my blog -let’s get 21st Century real!

Latest from the Blog

The Ribbon of a Madman’s’ Weave

Granite SliverArrowhead I see you spurnedby Pigmy Bowmanyet you suffice and scathethe greening mortar…Mind that delibly recordsattemptmy show and outward personality. This ribbon of a madman’s weaveis the tape of all my sayingsmallborder thin and compass handthe clutch and stayFingers….Placing granite slabs to facetheir palms of tungsten fleshtoward the shortened eye. Yet soonthe tongue of … Continue reading “The Ribbon of a Madman’s’ Weave”

The Creator’s Confession

The story I am about to tell beganbefore the first ammonite hardened its shell,before your blackheart mountains were rivers of redand swims of clear water had not yet fallen as rain;before even Hur was cast into Helland the soporific dust that held prison his mighthad yet to be formed from the celestial stormof Aster’s last … Continue reading “The Creator’s Confession”

On a Picture of a Nude Reclining

The sheen of folded draperieswarm resplendent curves of your bronzebright body. Your smile an everpresent remembrance, suggestjoyous eyes that never weep. Through the meagre aperturesof half-hid windows, blue skies burstand grow their light upon your breast,the stilled image grasping at my loinsevoking half-lit fantasies never dreamt of in your head.Your strange unnatural silencerather than offending, … Continue reading “On a Picture of a Nude Reclining”

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