Alphabet of Remarkable People

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It is said histories are written by victors -not entirely true but it is nonetheless a bias which determines the records. The famous are given status not only by originality by also by the infamous. The written word claims to be a factual biography but despite the best of writers intentions can never be described as an A to Z all encompassing defining record. In a weekly series of portraits, I’ve chosen people in the Occult field of knowledge who have largely been forgotten, been recorded for their curiosity value, or whose reputations are still the subject of debate. Commonly the English usage of the word occult refers to knowledge of the paranormal, but my perspective is more related to the Latin origin of the word, meaning knowledge of the hidden.

Every letter tells a story. The alphabet we know today takes its modern 26-letter shape in the 16th century. Many of our letters began as Egyptian hieroglyph symbols 4,000 years ago, with a hodgepodge of Semitic, Phoenician, Greek and Roman influences thrown in. Letters of the alphabet also represent energies -numerology can help us interpret the character of people from their names.

For example it is the name you are known by -the name you promote to others, so mine is TonyA. Here’s what it says about me.

I approach life with the purpose of harmonising with others, believe that charity begins at home and benefits by good behaviour and high ethical standards. I also persist until projects and plans come to fruition. And that’s about right!

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