The Price of Fish

Fear is the shake of riveted plate and love is a church locked up on the land

Comment from Terveen Gill Tony’s poetic ode to fishermen and their bravery is beautiful and tragic. Those of us who have never ventured beyond land cannot fathom the dangers the waters conceal. I like how the sea has been portrayed as a mistress, mysterious and moody, unsure and chaotic. The men and woman who place themselves at her mercy are definitely heroes deserving of such lyrical beauty. May harmony prevail and the spirit of coexistence emerge supreme.

Pray hard for men who hunt the deep sea
in their cockleshell boats out of Clyde
scour the swims of Poseidon’s green head
filling iced holds with dead alive eyes
where the buffeting wind screeching
is God’s angered ethereal Hand
fear is the shake of riveted plate
and love is a church locked up on the land.

Elemental wind, do not keep them from shore
they who dare open the water blue door.

Pray soft for souls who haunt the seal lanes
hymned only by December bright sea
and snatched calls of seagull’s scorning
the squint-eyed sons of water borne men
striding the foam whiskered aboriginal depths
bed to the bones of lost kinsman
who went roaring to death protesting
peace swallowed in the fish fat ocean’s mouth.

Elemental wind, do not rage for their soul
their fathers have paid the fish stealing toll.

Pray love for the sons of water and blood
patient for the calm, eager to net
ever ready to chase white fish
over mountainous crests, under
the pale dark bruising wet sky
casting to web Gods’ octopus’ head
claw the fish from his shivering throat
endanger their lives with the weight of the prize.

Elemental wind, do not anger the sea
Man and his Mistress must ever be free.

Author: TonyA..........

Holistic Health practitioner, writer & poet, psychic & spiritual teacher

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