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Introducing Conor, a young man who has studied with me. This thought provoking piece just goes to prove insight and understanding is not the preserve of older more experienced people. Please comment!

From a collective evolutionary standpoint, it’s a challenge finding ways and means to understand the nature of ‘true-self’.

As such, It’s debatable how many people have the capability to intelligently comprehend their ‘physical’ animal natured existence. Whilst we share the world as equals, we are not equal in the development of the higher-natured self.

The transformative state of spiritual consciousness evolves over thousands of lifetimes and follows a hierarchical line of ascension. The consciousness born of the ‘Animal-natured’ man, ultimately achieves finality as the ‘Higher-natured self’. During this journey the ‘modus operandi’ of Human-nature is represented by the planet ‘Pluto’ (expressive of renewal), whereby old foundations are destroyed. ‘Ego’ and how we relate to ourselves can be represented by the Moon, symbolic of the ‘individual’ emotive nature, and Mercury, the ruling the planet of thought.

What do we mean by ‘Animal-natured’ man, and the Higher-natured self?

Simply put, Animal-man lives for his earthly desires and has single-minded trains of thought; the end justifies his means. The ‘Higher-natured self’ lives to serve, in accordance with the laws of spiritual evolution, able and expressive through the incarnate nature. To say we are in part animal-natured evokes the question; is Man animal-like? Why such a connotation?

During the ‘infancy’ stage of man’s development the mind-state is raw, and naturally combative. Animal-man views his existence as a ‘battle-field’. His predisposition creates irrational ‘animistic’ thought, such as jealousy, envy, and greed. On observing animals, domestic or other, a ‘likeness’ in relation to the thought process is apparent, comparatively, the thought pattern animal-natured man expresses, is like any animal species able to manipulate, or otherwise, challenge any adversary to get ‘needs’ met.

As the animal-natured man magnetically follows his earthly desires, his consciousness remains chained to physical experience, causing him to re-visit his physical animal consciousness once-more -the path marked with sudden shocks and blows aiding transformation. We may call animal-natured man ‘uncivilized’ but this is unfairly derogatory, many will identify with the ‘Intellectual-man’, an intermediary ‘step-up’ on the ladder of evolutionary consciousness,

Intellectual animal-man has greater control over the ‘impulse’ nature, but is equally capable of committing wrong-doing out of frustration or other such factors.

Whilst this can describe ‘Animal-natured’ man at the beginning of physical incarnation, animal-natured consciousness latently remains present in the ongoing states of human development.

Each stage of evolutionary ‘spiritual’ consciousness can be assigned an ‘octave’ or ‘governing influence’ of the mind-state – The animal-natured man engages life through the vibratory octave of Mars, in the outer-most circle of their awareness, here, animal man is dominant, and the lower-mind is the major influence, whilst Intellectual animal-natured man, who is aspirational of change, views physical existence through Saturn’s octave. Saturn in this sense enables greater control over the thought and action process, but not without restriction. Thought has begun to vibrate, even though it is linked with self and desire, they are still a circle nearer the true Self, for the ‘Animal’ man is now transforming into the intellectualized Man.

From the logos of Saturn, Mercury is born, the labour of the saturnine-minded Man is influenced by the intuitional mind of the ‘Buddhic plane’ the plane of wisdom.

When the Martian and Saturnine vibrations have accomplished their work, animal-minded man and the intellectual-minded man transfigure, and the Higher-natured intelligence is born. The soul having learned its evolutionary lessons, develops sympathy through painful experiences. The selfish and personal side having been crucified, signals the end of personal desires. The soul stands ready to receive the influx of divine wisdom and enter a new state of ‘Unified’ consciousness.

Higher-natured Man views life through an ‘individuated’ conscious state, and the planetary octave of Uranus, the ‘visionary’.

In general, higher natured man is sacrificial, and knows the evolutionary intent is to be of service to others. Early on insight is gained into the nature of ‘higher-self’, here ‘known’ consciousness extends across multiple ‘worlds’ simultaneously, as past life memories blend with ‘real-time’ consciousness. Such awareness naturally leads the Higher-natured man to question his own sense of ‘reality’, the effect of Uranus in this case enables ‘freedom’ from ‘known’ consciousness.

One shouldn’t assume ‘Higher’ man is dropped into ‘physical embodiment’ with an “all-knowing” awareness, as with animal-minded and Intellectual-minded man before him. Any sense of consciousness awareness is ‘outwardly born’, and unfolds through the veil of life, therefore it remains Higher man’s objective to ‘discover’ himself.

The evolutionary consciousness of the soul, now unified, is at odds with the consciousness of the Ego in the ‘individuated’ state – Inner conflict for the Higher-man now stems from the opposition of dual consciousness, the task of Man is to bridge this divide.

Higher-man’s evolutionary state leads to the realization of his nature as an ‘individual’, a sense of alienation entails as he no longer identifies with the ‘collective’.

A question is commonly asked concerning the idea of reincarnation, “Why do I not remember my past lives if I have lived before?” – It is important to understand what does not ‘reincarnate’ to clearly appreciate the difference between the ’Ego’ and the Animal-man, whose brain is played on by the ‘Ego’ or ‘Thinker’. This is indeed the crux of the matter, which tends to make the theory of reincarnation difficult to understand.

Animal man is born, and the Ego becomes linked to him, using the brain and body of the animal man as a vehicle for expression on the physical plane, the ego is always the unit-consciousness and remains one, but it has the power to inform multifarious personalities.

In one life a ray of consciousness may inform the brain of John Smith; in another Joe Bloggs, but is it the ‘Thinker’ (Ego) that reincarnates, the Animal man never does.

This ‘Thinker’, connected with and informing the animal man, imparts to the lower nature as much as of its own capacities and inherent powers as animal man is able to manifest, and these capacities inherent in the thinker are recognized by us and the brain-mind or the “lower-mind”. The memory of lives once lived belongs to the thinker, and it is the reincarnating ‘thinker’ alone that can recall each earth life, and not the ‘brain mind’ that it plays upon, without this ‘thinker’ we are all animal men and women.

There is a new vehicle, as it were, in each re-embodiment made ready for the driver. But the vehicle cannot remember its path, only the driver can recall his journey.

We each have a new brain for every life, and this brain or instrument (together with the body) only lives once and consequently cannot remember a past in which it took no part.

We see then, that the question we are so often asked “Why do I not remember my past lives if I have lived before?”, is really based upon a misconception of the theory of reincarnation; for while I personally have never lived before, that I of consciousness has lived over and over again and will continue to do so until perfection on the physical plane is reached, and the brain of the animal man has become responsive to the consciousness of the Higher-self, choosing to sacrifice, and guide.

In the case of ‘Higher-natured’ man the soul waits in suspended animation for such a vehicle instrumentally ‘fit’ for task.

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