The Parting of Ways

In last week’s post I said the rune-master would throw the sticks and read you the fortune of an alternative world. I guess I need to explain myself. One of my communicators who I know as Lone Wolf, as illustrated by my psychic artist wife Pam, has guided me on matters concerning BodyMind development for many years. He has taught me body movements and guided my understanding of the energy body, which I teach to my pupils and is often present when I am in healing mode.

Why runes?

To say that Lone Wolf is not all he appears to be is an understatement -from what I know of him his soul history stretches way back into the distant past. The incarnation I’m aware of when I see him is of a North American/Canadian Indian, but he has a soul link to the old Norse world. Could that be of Norseman who landed in the Americas -likely from Greenland way back in the first millennium AD? He shows runes that originate with the Vikings.

As some will know runes are symbols seen and interpreted in the spread they fall. So, I asked the question and the first thing he reminded me about was the history of the coronavirus.

‘Your scientists became aware of it soon after you were born.’

Digging around I find that scientists in England first identified a human coronavirus in 1965. It caused a common cold. Later that decade, researchers found a group of similar human and animal viruses and named them after their crown-like appearance -hence the name, and of these seven were identified that could infect humans. Ongoing research found that in temperate climates, respiratory coronavirus infections occur more often in the winter and spring than in the summer and autumn.

Data revealed that coronavirus infections contribute as much as 35% of the total respiratory viral activity during epidemics. Overall, the proportion of adult colds produced by coronaviruses was estimated at 15%. Epidemiologic and volunteer inoculation studies found that respiratory coronaviruses were associated with a variety of respiratory illnesses; however, their pathogenicity was considered to be low. The predominant illness associated with infections was an upper respiratory infection with occasional cases of pneumonia in infants and young adults.

These viruses were also shown to be able to produce asthma exacerbations in children as well as chronic bronchitis in adults and the elderly. Given the enormous variety of animal coronaviruses, it was not surprising when the cause of a very new, severe acute respiratory syndrome, called SARS, emerged in 2002–2003 as a coronavirus from southern China and spread throughout the world with quantifiable speed. This virus grew fairly easily in tissue culture, enabling quick sequencing of the genome.

Sequencing differed sufficiently from any of the known human or animal coronaviruses to place this virus into a new group, along with a virus that was subsequently cultured from Himalayan palm civets, from which it presumably had emerged. Again in China December 2019 a new coronavirus SARS variant was identified and called Covid-19 and declared a pandemic in March 2020.

Asking why this virus spreads so easily and causes so much illness, he replied, ‘It’s the way you live. The rise in populations. The density of living spaces -man made environments which recirculate the atmosphere you breathe. The intermingling and intermarriage of peoples throughout your world -each having a genetic history of immunity associated with the countries and climates their forebears experienced. When different immunities are joined, and peoples share the same man-made environments common colds and other viral transmissions can become virulent.’

‘What then do you advise as the way forward?’

‘Your futures point to a parting of ways. Man is by nature a hybrid of many forms, and each of these influences has seen and unseen counterparts. The consciously pointed Self continues to promote itself as the power of change and divisions within accelerate what you are pleased to call progress, the way forward. That which you call good; the caring of the environment, endeavours to reduce harmful gases, scientific advances in healthcare and modes of living, all have their side effects. I have called them futures, and each may be modelled to harmonised with the natural forces present in your world. Some will have cause to claim betterment, others not so.

To understand himself Man has always defined his consciousness by the battle of good against evil -right against wrong. And how it is interpreted gives cause for more and more divisions. The way forward can only be defined and acted upon by each and every individual -and there will be evidence of betterment because more people are becoming aware of the differences between Man’s creations and the natural world.

Tell your people this -the world you live in is the smallest part, a place of beginning, and life is much greater than you can imagine. Indeed, I am limited in what I can tell you because your consciousness is still bound by its earthly roots. Just tell them as you have been taught before -there is only one law; the Law of Good, but in interpreting that disharmony arises, and from disharmony the force to harmonise is born.’

There… I will leave you to think on that. What echoes in my mind from what Lone Wolf has said, is the absolute need to assert our own individuality. It’s so easy to allow yourself to be shepherded -to leave decision making to others.

I am reminded of some suggestion I made early on in this pandemic when the need for face masking was about to become mandatory in public places. Masks are not healthy things -just causing us to breathe back in some of the carbon dioxide (and germs) we have just breathed out. Now that face masking rules will soon be relaxed in the UK and we can yet again move about close to one another in public places -particularly indoors, let me readvise the use of coconut oil. Just apply it on a cotton bud up your nose.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid and monolaurin which can disintegrate the virus envelope, inhibit virus replication, and prevent the binding of viral proteins to the host cell membrane. Coconut oil is made up of about 50 percent 12-carbon lauric acid. When lauric acid is digested and interacts with body fluids, it produces monolaurin. Both of those funny-sounding things can kill things like bacteria, viruses and fungi. So, coconut oil can be linked to killing bad stuff.

The poem I’ve written for this week is a reminder of how little we know of Nature.

I am a Legion not a King

In the water green world under the wych elm tree
live me and my kin, birthing and dying unseen
in the light dark seasoning cycle of time,
quite unlike men’s expectation of body shape.

We are benign, threatening, handsome, shape shifting,
Sun dialling, moon tiding, invisible touch conscious life.
If only you knew how to look- what sounds to recognise.

The stones that you walk on and think dead

are concerts of sound singing to this river’s urge.
The water spirit in harmony seeks the still dark depths
Worlds distant: satisfied never to know.

Leaves its memories for you to find

And is free as you cannot be.
Here where the wild crocus grows, dies and re-seeds
and a myriad of things have but a day to live
I am a legion not a king.

I am many not a thing.

And you walk here as a prison in the shackles of feet
under the wych elm tree like a sleeper
dreaming of freedom awake.

And know nothing of me, yet
lay claim to what you see.
Come now instrument being, speak out,
let all that comes be unreasoned, unfelt.

When earth reclaims the form you have shaped
migration will not mean turning back,
For as I sip, so you also can be refreshed

truly a legion, never a King.

Author: TonyA..........

Holistic Health practitioner, writer & poet, psychic & spiritual teacher

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